The candidates: Singapore Democratic Party, Singapore Democratic Alliance

Keen to champion issues faced by Malays here

Mr Abu Mohamed.

Abu Mohamed, 64

Occupation: Co-director of an oilfield services company; president of the Singapore Malay National Organisation

Family: Married with three children and five grandchildren

Education: A levels

Hobbies: Fishing

Why politics?

People are unhappy with many issues - cost of living, increased population, Central Provident Fund - but rather than just grumble, I feel that getting involved in politics and joining a political party are ways to drive the solution to these problems.

Why you?

The team and I are not out to score points or be recognised. We have a heart for the people and we have solutions. Some of our proposals are in our manifesto and we have many more.

What issues will you focus on?

In the last 50 years, although Singapore has progressed a lot, Malay Singaporeans may have felt slightly left behind. I will champion specific issues faced by the Malay population in education, employment, healthcare, and hijab issues as well.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

The sea

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