Singapore GE2020: ICA prioritising IC replacements ahead of Polling Day; changes of address now won't change polling station

ICA has also reminded citizens they can use passports in lieu of their ICs when they register at polling stations to vote. PHOTOS: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - As identity card-related applications surge to over 1,000 a day ahead of the general election, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will be prioritising IC replacements over re-registrations and changes of address.

It will also deliver ICs to the homes of Singapore residents who have made IC applications between Jan 1 and May 31, to reduce the volume of people turning up at the ICA Building.

ICA has also reminded citizens that they can use their passports in lieu of their ICs when they register at polling stations to vote.

Demand for IC services - especially the replacement of ICs, collection of new ICs and change of address - has risen between 40 and 140 per cent since the Elections Department (ELD) announced on June 23 that the Writ of Election has been issued and Polling Day is set for July 10.

Besides ramping up its manpower to cater to the higher demand, it will also prioritise the processing of applications for the replacement of ICs - for example, from those who have lost their ICs or whose ICs are damaged.

Those who have applied to re-register their ICs can expect a delay.

"The former is more important in the context of the upcoming general election as the IC would be the primary means of identity verification for the purposes of voting," added the authority.

As for changes in addresses, voters have already been assigned their polling stations based on their registered addresses in the Register of Electors as of March 1.

Any changes in address after that cut-off date will not lead to a change in their assigned polling stations, ICA said.

In response to a query from The Straits Times, the ELD said voters will receive their poll cards at their addresses registered with the ICA as of June 1.

Eligible voters whose electoral divisions are contested can expect to receive their poll cards two to three working days after Nomination Day on June 30.

Voters can also use the SingPass mobile app to access their ePoll card, and use it in lieu of the hard copy poll card.

Due to its Covid-19 safety measures, counter services at ICA are only available with a prior appointment, and visitors can only enter the ICA Building by producing an e-mail confirmation.

Those who wish to collect their ICs for urgent reasons should use the ICA's e-Appointment service on its website, or obtain an e-mail from the authority for permission to enter the building. They can visit this website to request for such permission via an electronic form.

Those who need to report a change of address can do so at a Neighbourhood Police Post or Neighbourhood Police Centre, and do not need to go to the ICA Building.

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