GE2015: Party political broadcast by the Singapore Democratic Alliance aired on Sept 3

The SDA's chief media officer Harminder Pal Singh.
The SDA's chief media officer Harminder Pal Singh.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The campaign messages of eight political parties contesting in the coming general election were broadcast on Thursday night (Sept 3).

Political parties that are fielding at least six candidates were eligible for air-time to broadcast their messages in four languages. There will be another broadcast on Sept 10.

All parties except the People's Power Party, which is fielding four candidates, were eligible this election.

The English broadcasts on Thursday were aired at 10pm on Channel 5, and on two radio channels - 93.8 Live and Power98FM. There was also a broadcast on Channel NewsAsia at 11pm.

Speeches in other languages were broadcast on other channels between 9pm to 11.45pm.

Here is the Singapore Democratic Alliance's English message in full:



Thank you dear residents of Pasir Ris Punggol GRC for supporting the SDA in the last two Elections and giving us more than 55,000 of the votes in 2011.

We have always been actively walking the ground for more than 10 years now and formulating action plans and policies to serve all of you better. In this election we aspire to be your elected Members of Parliament and serve you to even greater heights.

Singapore has come a long way since we achieved Independence. And we just celebrate our Golden Jubilee. A very Happy SG50 to all of you!

But all is not well here in our country! There are many social issues that we face today and they are causing great pain and stress to all Singaporeans.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for us to attend to our people's needs and to think about the future Singapore that our children will live in.


From this perspective, SDA has identified seven issues that we'll champion to achieve a better quality of life for you.

They are:

Number one, the Population White Paper which is trying to achieve 6.9 million population by 2030. Now, we're not against the high-end foreign talents and investors that help to improve our economy; nor the low-end foreign workers; but we are against those who are taking over the jobs of Singaporeans.

Number two, the CPF and Retirement age is another big issue and we want the CPF funds to be returned to us at age 55.

Number three, the rising prices of HDB homes need to be brought under greater control!

Number four, the cost of healthcare is becoming more unaffordable and we need to bring it down even further.

Number five, our public transport system is overcrowded and totally unreliable. We need to do something about it.

Number six, employment opportunities for local Singaporeans need to be looked into.

And seven, we need a better and improved, restructured education system in Singapore.

It is time for change! SDA will fight for you to make our lives much better in Singapore. But we need your help to do so! This is about the rights as ordinary citizens of Singapore.

We are ordinary people like you. Support us, vote us to be your voice in Parliament.

Vote SDA in for a better life, happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation. Vote SDA for a Singapore for Singaporeans.

Thank you.