GE2015: PAP's manifesto sets out its achievements, challenges and vision

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and PAP's candidates at the launch of the PAP's manifesto. ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the People's Action Party's (PAP) manifesto for the 2015 general election on Saturday (Aug 29).

Titled With You, For You, For Singapore, the 98-page document is divided into five sections and is in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. It spells out the PAP's achievements, the challenges ahead for the country, and the party's vision .

Here are the key points as spelt out in the sections:

* With You, For You, For Singapore

This section notes how "together, Singaporeans and the PAP have prevailed against the odds to get to where we are today. This same can-do spirit will help us to meet the challenges of tomorrow".

It summarises the party's vision for Singapore, including how every Singaporean can realise his full potential, "regardless of the starting point".

It adds: "This vision can only be achieved by a capable government working together with you, which has a strong mandate from you. Every vote counts in deciding the government - and the future - we will have."

* What We Achieved Together.

In this chapter, the party recalls Singapore's improbable independence in 1965 and how it has "transformed mudflats into a metropolis, and built a nation".

It lists Singapore's developments in the past 50 years. This includes going from 22 per cent home ownership in 1965 to 90 per cent home ownership now, improving education, transforming healthcare and going from being dependent on Johor for water to becoming a world leader in water technology.

* What We Are Doing Together.

This section highlights what it has done since the last election.

Its achievements include sustained economic growth in very tough conditions, expanding social safety nets, involving Singaporeans in shaping policies through the nationwide Our Singapore Conversation,and working to bring out the best in every child.

The party says it knows what weighs on the minds of Singaporeans, and lists them out: healthcare costs, affordability of housing, competition for jobs, especially for PMETs and older workers, getting workers, especially for SMEs, wanting the best education and opportunities for their children, and the middle income squeeze.

* What We Face Together.

The PAP sketches out the future threats that Singapore faces,including internal challenges like how society is becoming more diverse.

External challenges include an uncertain global economic outlook, regional and international competition, the impact of technology on jobs and security threats like extremism and terrorism.

To tackle these challenges "we have to be realistic, to face hard truths and to devise new solutions", the party said.

* What We Can Build Together.

The final section looks towards the future in the areas of economy, healthcare, support for families, transport, security, housing and infrastructure developments.

Among other things, it says Singapore will be a " meritocracy of skills, and not a hierarchy of grades". It pledges that more support will be given to PMETs, and businesses will be helped with manpower resourcing, talent retention and development.

It lists the policies that have been announced in these areas, and how Singapore "will stand out as a jewel among global cities, yet have a heart and pulse purely our own".

* The manifesto comes with a video detailing how Singapore can be a city of "hope, heart and home".

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