GE2015: Highlights of proposals from the Workers' Party's manifesto

The 48-page manifesto included more than 130 proposals across six areas. ST PHOTO: CAROLINE CHIA

SINGAPORE - The Workers' Party (WP) unveiled its manifesto for the Sept 11 general election on Saturday afternoon.

Entitled "Empower Your Future", the 48-page manifesto included more than 130 proposals across six areas. Here are some highlights of the proposals laid out by the WP:

1. Singaporean core

To improve birth rates and counter problems caused by an ageing society, the WP proposed providing assistance in childcare, education and work-life balance, as well as giving citizenship to foreign spouses and children of Singaporeans.

In order to limit the growth of foreign manpower, the WP called for investment in Singaporean workers to improve productivity and promote family-friendly work policies to encourage the elderly and women to work.

2. Economic security

The WP proposed the Employment Security Fund, a mandatory unemployment insurance scheme that would pay out 40 per cent of last-drawn salary - up to a monthly salary cap of the prevailing median wage - for six months after involuntary unemployment.

It also called for a national minimum wage, pegged to percentage of household expenditure in basic needs. They also proposed that CPF payout eligibility age be lowered to 60 instead of 65.

3. Strengthening education, family and social welfare

The WP proposed a 10-year through-train school programme from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 as an option for parents who wish for their child to bypass the Primary School Leaving Examination.

It also called for a Career and Life Skills Programme in secondary schools to advise students on career opportunities and raise awareness of less mainstream professions.

Additionally, it called for the monthly household income cap for the Community Health Assist Scheme to be raised to the median monthly household income per member.

4. Home and City

To enhance the affordability of public housing, the WP called for HDB flat ownership to be de-linked from land costs. For transportation issues, it asked that all public transport assets be owned by a national transport cooperation, while services are contracted out.

5. Governance

The WP called for the group representation constituencies (GRC) scheme and the Nominated MP scheme to be abolished, with elections run on single seats. This would make the non-constituency MP scheme necessary.

It also asked for an independent election commission, as well as an independent electoral boundary review committee to be set up.

6. Foreign relations

To safeguard regional stability and prosperity, the WP supported working proactively with neighbours and partners, especially in the Asean region.

With the number of Singaporeans located overseas growing, the WP also asked for the Foreign Service's capacity to protect them be enhanced.

Click here for more information on the WP manifesto.

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