GE2015: Elections Department issues advisory on Cooling-off Day and Polling Day

On Friday, Sept 11, Singaporeans go to the polls.
On Friday, Sept 11, Singaporeans go to the polls.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The Elections Department (ELD) has issued a reminder that Thursday (Sept 10), the eve of Polling Day, is Cooling-off Day. 

On Cooling-off Day, campaigning is disallowed and election advertising must not be published or displayed.

First instituted in the 2011 elections, it lets voters reflect rationally on various issues raised at an election before going to the polls.

Candidates are not allowed to canvass for votes or visit homes and workplaces of voters. Wearing, using, carrying or displaying of any political propaganda by any person or vehicle is not allowed.

"Candidates should be mindful of how they conduct themselves in public and exercise due care to avoid any action that may be perceived as campaigning," ELD said in a statement.

Polling Day falls on Friday (Sept 11). Polling stations are open from 8am to 8pm, but voters may wish to avoid going to the polling station during the morning peak period when waiting time tends to be longer.

Voters are reminded to:

* Bring their original identity card or passport, and poll card to the polling station to cast their vote.

* Mark their choice with a cross ("X") on the ballot paper in the space provided on the right-hand side of the ballot paper opposite the name of the candidate or the names of the group of candidates, if the electoral division is a group representation constituency.

*Fold their ballot paper so as to conceal their vote, and put the folded ballot paper into the ballot box before leaving the polling station.

* Not to bring or use any camera, video or photographic equipment in the polling station.

For more on the do's and don'ts on Polling Day, please visit ELD's website