GE2015: Approved symbols for candidates with no party logo include whale, ceiling fan

The approved symbols for the coming election.
The approved symbols for the coming election.PHOTO: ELD

SINGAPORE - Along with the Writ of Election, a list of 15 approved symbols for use by candidates in the coming general election has been released.

The list is for candidates, generally independents, who do not have a party symbol.

According to the Parliamentary Elections Act, a candidate may choose a symbol that will represent him or her from among those approved, and the symbol should not have any racial or religious significance.

If chosen by a candidate, the symbol will be used during election campaigning and appear on the ballot paper beside the candidate's name.

For the coming election which will take place on Sept 11, the candidate's photo will also appear alongside his or her name and symbol, the Elections Department has said.

Candidates' photos on ballot papers were first introduced at the 2011 Presidential Election.

The approved symbols for the coming election (below) include a whale, a helicopter, a laptop, a rhinoceros, a ceiling fan and a lighthouse.

The symbols repeat those from the 2011 election, including the whale and ceiling fan. But others like a camera and a heart have been dropped.

Symbols used in the 2011 election:

Symbols used in the 2006 election:

Parliament was dissolved on Tuesday (Aug 25). Nomination Day is Sept 1, and Polling Day will be on Sept 11, a Friday.