GE2015: Application for post-election vehicle procession permits open on Sept 1

Election candidates can apply for permits for post-election vehicle processions to thank voters and constituents from Sept 1 to Sept 17, the police said in a release on Monday.

Post-election vehicle processions can only be held after Polling Day from Sept 12 to Sept 18, between 7am and 10pm.

Applicants must adhere to several conditions in applying for such permits, including not deviating from the route specified in the permit, and not exceeding the number of vehicles stated.

Unless authorised by the police officer granting the permit, no banners, posters or placards can be displayed. Singing, music, gongs and music-producing equipment must also be approved.

The vehicles must also be kept moving - at a speed not above 15kmh when carrying passengers onboard - and constructed in a way that it does not cause danger, obstruction or annoyance to pedestrians, obstruct the view of the driver, or interfere with the driver's ability to follow road traffic rules.

The person to whom a permit is granted shall not be absent from the procession without reasonable excuse, the police said.

Various electoral divisions may apply for permits at the Compliance Management Offices in their respective Police Divisional Headquarters from 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays, with applications submitted at least one working day before the scheduled date of the vehicle procession.

There is a $50 fee to apply for the permit.

The Police Elections Permits Office will conduct a closed-door briefing to candidates and election agents regarding the application procedures on Nomination Day (Sept 1) at 1pm at the Police Cantonment Complex.