Former NSP star candidate Nicole Seah says she will not contest 2015 polls

Nicole Seah during a walkabout in Aljunied on April 24, 2011.
Nicole Seah during a walkabout in Aljunied on April 24, 2011. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The National Solidarity Party (NSP)'s star candidate of the last election, Ms Nicole Seah, said on Sunday that she is not rejoining the party and will not stand for election.

Ms Seah was replying to queries from The Straits Times, following comments from NSP acting secretary-general Hazel Poa that the party had "initiated contact" with Ms Seah via WhatsApp.

Ms Seah, 28, told The Straits Times: "I didn't receive any message on WhatsApp from NSP. Perhaps they messaged my Singapore number which is not in use.


"I'm not rejoining NSP and will not be running for elections this time," she said, adding that she has been in touch with NSP assistant secretary-general Reno Fong and NSP organising secretary Spencer Ng on Facebook.

Ms Seah was part of the NSP five-man team which won 43.4 per cent of the vote in Marine Parade GRC in 2011 - the third-best opposition performance in a group representation constituency. But she left NSP in 2013, and moved to Bangkok last year for work.

Earlier on Sunday, Ms Poa said in reaching out to Ms Seah, she hopes that Ms Seah would rejoin the party. But she stopped short of saying whether NSP wants to field her as a candidate in the next election.

During the walkabout several residents were also heard asking NSP members: "Where is Nicole Seah?"

MacPherson was carved out as a single-seat constituency from Marine Parade GRC in the recent elections boundary report. Its MP is Ms Tin Pei Ling, who was widely compared to Ms Seah in the 2011 election, due to their comparable age.