Focusing on CPF as key issue

Roy Ngerng, 34

Occupation: Blogger

Family: Single


Education: Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore

Hobbies: Reading up on socio-economic issues, swimming, spending time with family

Why politics?

In the past three years, I've advocated fairer policies in healthcare, education, retirement, CPF (Central Provident Fund), et cetera.

I don't think the Government has responded sufficiently to Singaporeans. It's up to Singaporeans to be in Parliament to act for ourselves.

Why you?

I am an ordinary Singaporean who will speak up for Singaporeans. If they invest trust in me, I would do my best to change the policies to protect all of us.

What issues will you focus on?

CPF is a key issue. It is not just for retirement, it also concerns housing, wages, healthcare and education.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

I like natural spaces, like the Botanic Gardens.

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