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Singapore GE2020: Every S'porean should have a stake in the government

A banner showing National Solidarity Party candidates for Sembawang GRC Ivan Yeo, Yadzeth Hairis, Spencer Ng, Sathin Ravindran and Sebastian Teo. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN
A banner showing National Solidarity Party candidates for Sembawang GRC Ivan Yeo, Yadzeth Hairis, Spencer Ng, Sathin Ravindran and Sebastian Teo. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN



Good evening, fellow Singaporeans. Let me start by commending all Singaporeans for your resilience during these challenging times.

Our country can move forward because of the spirit you possess. It is a spirit uniquely Singaporean. It is this resilient spirit which has always lifted our country through thick and thin.

Recently, we have seen how Covid-19 has tested us socially, economically and perhaps now, politically. This general election is upon us now. And it is our responsibility to choose a government which has the ability to find solutions for the challenges we are facing and at the same time is accountable to Singaporeans.

This accountability cannot be achieved if PAP has the super-majority in Parliament. No one is immune to mistakes. The opposition can offer perspectives which the PAP may miss out. This will reduce the "benefit from hindsight" statements, and solutions may then be more holistic and thoughtful.

The National Solidarity Party believes Singaporeans deserve a government which can hear everyone's voices.

It should be a government where every Singaporean has a stake in it. It should be one which is consultative and seek the opinion of the people for all major decisions. Our party hopes that we can be the voices that have been given lesser thought.

This is why we want to champion policies regarding labour, housing, population, retirement as well as cost of living for you in Parliament.

These are extremely important policies because:

Firstly, we want a country which considers all Singaporeans first. We want a government that ensures our people have the priority for quality jobs. We have witnessed the large supply of foreigners flooding our country to compete for jobs. Consequently, it has depressed our wages.

Secondly, we want to reduce the cost of living. One way is to make our housing affordable. HDB's mission is to provide us with affordable homes of quality and value, but many of our young are caught in a mire of housing debts. This has contributed to a rising cost of living as a result. Is this what we want for our future generations?


Thirdly, is the impending increase of GST necessary? GST is a regressive tax. It affects the poor and the working class much more than those in the upper class. To relieve the pressure of the cost of living, we can start off with abolishing GST on basic necessities.

Lastly, we want our government to honour our legal rights to withdraw our CPF at 55. Financial literacy for our retirees is the key to ensure they have adequate money to enjoy their hard-earned retirement. We do not believe in equal misery for all pertaining to the CPF.

In conclusion, we want to build a government that can make decisions after considering all perspectives; a government that is diverse but fair to all Singaporeans. It is here I announce that the NSP team is ready and primed to work towards these goals. We implore you to consider our proposal tonight and do the next right thing on 10th of July. Vote NSP!

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