Forum: Widow can no longer claim maid levy relief because of change in marital status

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore informed me recently that I no longer qualify for foreign domestic worker levy relief, which can be claimed by married women, and divorcees or widows with school-going children.

I am now a widow, making my status “unmarried”. My children are working adults.

My friends can still get the relief because they still have a husband.

This is very unfair to me, and other women in the same situation, as I am not single by choice.

I am 66 years old and still working full time.

I employ a maid because I need someone to handle all the household matters so that I can go out to work with peace of mind.

I do not have the stamina and strength to work a full day and then come back home to take care of all the household matters.

The Government is encouraging women to continue working and to contribute to the economy. It is progressively pushing the retirement age higher. Removing this tax benefit only discourages me from contributing.

I know there are other women in the same situation as I am.

We are already grieving the loss of our spouses. Don’t make things worse for us with overly rigid regulations.

Wee Siew Poh

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