Forum: Views on decarbonising Singapore’s pleasure craft sector welcomed

We thank Mr Kuet Ee Yoon for his letter, “Help the pleasure craft sector to speed up net-zero emissions plan” (March 9), and welcome his suggestions on how we can achieve net-zero emissions together with the pleasure craft community.

Similar to the harbour craft sector, the pleasure craft sector will be required to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, in line with Singapore’s net-zero target.

As Mr Kuet noted, the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) is studying the timeline for the transition of the pleasure craft sector to electrification or use of net-zero fuels, and will provide an update in 2024.

It is heartening to know that individuals within our community are championing the development of electric pleasure craft and raising awareness of the need to decarbonise the sector.

MPA will get in touch with the pleasure craft community in the next few months to seek suggestions on how to collectively achieve the 2050 net-zero target.

Apart from owners and operators of pleasure craft, MPA will also be engaging marinas, shipyards and relevant associations. We encourage all stakeholders to share their views with us during the engagement sessions.

Daknashamoorthy Ganasen (Captain)
Senior Director (Operations and Marine Services)
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

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