Forum: Leaders should cultivate meaningful relationships with employees to reduce workplace stress

Companies can leverage employee engagement surveys by including questions that can identify what is stressing employees out (Tackle the root cause of workplace stress at company level, Jan 28).

The survey findings need to be properly followed up on so that the employees feel that their feedback is being heard, valued and acted on. Otherwise, they would just see such a survey as a paper exercise and a waste of time.

Leaders should cultivate meaningful relationships with their employees through regular, informal conversations. They should help employees feel comfortable to speak up about their challenges and anxieties at work, and not judge or shut down their feedback.

Leaders could ask how they can help their employees do their job better, as well as share what kind of help they need from their employees. This two-way communication will foster mutual understanding and a meaningful working relationship.

It will also lead to an alignment of work demands and performance expectations between the leaders and the employees, and reduce workplace stress and burnout.

Jasmine Liew Chia Wei

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