Forum: GST-registered businesses must display GST-inclusive prices

We refer to Mr Ed Cheong Tuck Kuan’s letter (Include GST in all retail prices, Jan 27).

All goods and services tax (GST)-registered businesses are required to show GST-inclusive prices on all price displays to the public.

Exceptions have been given to food and beverage, and hotel establishments that impose a service charge, so that they do not have to display separate price lists for dine-in and takeaway items, or to recompute prices whenever they waive the service charge for takeaway items. 

Such establishments must, however, display a prominent statement to inform customers that prices shown are subject to GST and service charge.

GST-registered businesses that do not comply with price display requirements can be fined. The public can report wrongful GST practices of businesses to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (

We have contacted Mr Cheong to clarify the matter and thank him for his feedback. 

Kelly Wee
Director (Corporate Communications)
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

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