Forum: Excerpts of readers’ letters

Coffee pricier at renovated cafeteria

I was at the National University Hospital medical centre block for a health screening recently and checked out the newly renovated cafeteria at Level 5.

I was shocked to find that my usual cup of kopi-o kosong was now $1.40 instead of 80 cents. That is a 75 per cent increase.

New vendors should be committed to ensuring affordable prices at places where Singaporeans go for their healthcare needs.

Can the Committee Against Profiteering look into such a hefty increase?

Bernard Chua

Concerts best experienced first-hand

I read that people attending concerts are busy recording them with their smartphones and not fully enjoying the show. These days people seem to have given up their ability to experience things – to see, to hear and to feel – first-hand. Instead, they use an electronic device to record the experience to recall later. But to do this, they need access to a device, whereas they can always recall the immersive experience in their mind any time. We humans seem to have given up control of our senses and minds to the machines we built.

David Loo

Don’t use front door of bus to alight

I take a public bus daily and notice many commuters using the front door when alighting. This is annoying to those boarding, as they have to give way to these commuters and wait to board.

The bus captain can be flexible in allowing the elderly seated in the front to use the front door to alight, but should advise the able-bodied to use the exit door instead.

Let us enjoy our journey without hindrance and make the ride pleasant for everyone.

Bennie Cheok

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