Forum: Excerpts from readers’ letters

Problems with reselling used shoes

Ms Stella Chen Ming Hui has an interesting idea on reselling used shoes in good condition (Consider resale of wearable shoes in recycling project, March 14).

Unfortunately, when it comes to recycling used shoes in good condition, it’s a no-no, as any chiropractor and orthopaedic doctor would caution.

Why? The used shoes have been shaped by the users’ feet, thus have become a mould that would reshape or more bluntly warp the feet of the new user.

Thomas Lee Hock Seng (Dr)

HDB blocks’ colour scheme not a small issue for residents

I agree with the editorial “Mind the big and small on public housing” (March 15). The recent colour scheme in Tampines may be deemed a small issue by HDB, but look how it has had an impact on its new residents.

A colour scheme is subjective, and HDB should have learnt from past incidences, such as in Bishan in 2014 when residents were unhappy with the colours chosen to repaint their blocks.

HDB should make better use of its planning and research department and the Building and Research Institute, which should be tapped on the choice of the colour scheme.

Gan Kok Tiong

Check noise levels on Thomson-East Coast Line

I recently took the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) from Woodlands to Maxwell stations and experienced noise levels above 90dB and reaching 95dB maximum, measured with the Sound Meter app.

While not professional measuring equipment, it gave an indication of the high noise level which thousands of MRT users are subjected to every day.

At the end of my journey, I was feeling a little unwell after being subjected to the high noise level for 45 minutes.

Can SMRT find out what is the actual noise level? If it is high, can measures be taken to lower the noise for commuters?

Kok Chee Fai

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