Forum: Cleaner shortage will persist unless job is made more attractive

Cleaning is a service that is always needed. During the pandemic, a shortage of cleaners became evident as cleaners took on heavier workloads in shopping malls and hawker centres, and it took longer for rubbish to be cleared in Housing Board estates.

It was reported that some cleaning businesses turned down large contracts due to a lack of staff (S’pore cleaning firms lose staff after Malaysia border fully reopens, April 18).

Singapore is facing a shortage of cleaners due to a reliance on migrants in the industry.

Despite recent measures to increase wages for cleaners, many citizens still find the job undesirable due to the perception that it is dirty and taxing.

Understandably, many would rather look elsewhere to jobs such as those in the gig economy that offer a flexible work schedule.

Benefits and incentives in the cleaning industry need to be better to attract workers. Perhaps cleaning businesses should offer leadership roles, flexible hours, or more upskilling opportunities in the areas of robotics and technology for cleaning.

Woo Mi-En

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