Singer Coco Lee's Weibo post talks about 'a broken heart'

Some have speculated that the trigger for Coco Lee's posts could be her husband.
Some have speculated that the trigger for Coco Lee's posts could be her husband.PHOTO: COCOLEE/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong-born American singer Coco Lee's recent posts on "a broken heart" and "healing" on Weibo and Instagram have been a cause of concern for her fans.

On July 13, the 45-year-old singer posted a short message on microblogging site Weibo: "To heal a broken heart requires endless courage and time.

"This courage isn't inborn, but rather, is something learnt from continuous practice, improvement, and struggle. I am still learning and fighting."

That same day, she posted a picture of a quote on Instagram: "Be strong enough to heal yourself because you can."

She captioned the image with the hashtag #soulhealing.

Fans were quick to cheer the Do You Want My Love (1999) singer on.

One netizen commented: "Coco, no matter what happens, we are all on your side. We will always love you. Take care." And a Weibo user said: "I feel like our big sister has been hurt, but whatever it is, please push through and persevere. Please be strong."

Some have speculated that the trigger for Lee's posts could be her husband, 61-year-old Jewish-Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz.

He is the chief executive officer of Global Brands Group, which manages brands such as Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture.

The couple married in an extravagant Jewish wedding ceremony in Hong Kong in 2011.