Politicians, first ladies and a duchess on style magazine covers

British Prime Minister Theresa May was photographed by renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz for an issue of Vogue magazine published on Tuesday (March 21).

Politicians have long graced covers of news magazines including Time Magazine, but fashion and style glossies have taken to placing them and their wives on their covers, too.

Here are six politicians, first ladies and a duchess who have been featured on style magazine covers:

1. Melania Trump in Vanity Fair Mexico


In February this year, Vanity Fair's Mexico edition used a GQ photo of the First Lady of the United States for its cover, to much controversy.

The cover was publicised on the same day that the White House implied that America would make Mexico pay for the hotly debated wall by imposing taxes on Mexican imports.

Moreover, Mrs Trump's styling was also criticised as ostentatious, she was pictured twirling jewels around a fork like spaghetti.

2. Michelle Obama in Vogue - thrice


Vogue is a fan of former first lady Michelle Obama - if its three covers featuring her are any indication to go by.

The latest cover, shot by Leibovitz and issued in December 2016, showed her in a white sleeveless dress.

Mrs Obama had graced the cover twice previously, in a blue dress in April 2013 and a fuchsia frock in March 2009.

3. Barack Obama in Vanity Fair


Former US president Barack Obama made the cover of Vanity Fair in March 2009, a few months after his inauguration.

"The Obama Era Begins!" says the cover, which shows him dressed in a white shirt, pale blue tie and dark blue trousers.

The portfolio called "Enter Obama" was shot by Leibovitz on Inauguration Day in Washington.

4. Justin Trudeau in GQ


New York-based Men's style magazine in May 2016 placed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on its cover, calling him "the most stylish politician alive".

GQ wrote that Mr Trudeau "dresses better than any other world leader", whether in formal wear at the White House or dressed down at a hometown talk show.

5. Kate Middleton tops Vanity Fair's best-dressed list


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton made the cover of Vanity Fair in September 2012 for topping the magazine's best-dressed list.

She was joined by other good-looking people like Alicia Keys, Colin Firth and Diane Kruger.

The cover story revealed that she had as many as five clothing changes per day.

6. Hillary Clinton in Vogue


In 1998, when Mrs Hillary Clinton was still First Lady to then-president Bill Clinton, Vogue placed her on the cover of its Christmas issue, draped in a maroon velvet gown.

The Huffington Post in 2013 reported that she got that cover as designer Oscar de la Renta championed her cause to Vogue's Anna Wintour.

She was the first first lady the magazine placed on its cover.

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