Origami-inspired kids clothes grow as they do

London-based designer creates an origami-like range of outerwear clothing for kids that continuously 'grow' with the child.

LONDON (REUTERS) - Most parents agree that kids grow up far too quickly. 

And they grow out of their clothes even quicker. 

But 3-year-old Momo is wearing clothes that "grow" as she does. 

Petit Pli is an origami inspired range of outerwear for kids. Designed by Royal College of Art graduate Ryan Mario Yasin, the pleated design expands in multiple directions, and also contracts back to its original size. 

"It's wind-proof, water-proof, with a hydrophobic coating. And the best part is it's designed for continuous fit adjustment, so it'll never be a little bit too short or small or a little bit too long. It's always changing its shape and morphing with the child even in motion," said Mr Yasin, creator of Petit Pli. 

Kids like Momo are always on the move, and need clothing that can keep up.

"So as the child is running around the pleats are deforming in both directions either folding together or expanding, and moving in synchrony with the child. In that way it's the most comfortable jacket in motion," He said. 

Petit Pli - French for "little pleat" - has been designed for children aged from four months to three years. 

The patent-pending design has been rigorously tested to prove that the pleats won't fall out with use. 

They're also machine washable. 

Mr Yasin says Petit Pli could reduce waste in the clothing industry since a single garment will last much longer. 

He's now working on different sizes and designs, and looking for partners to help bring Petit Pli to market. 

While the futuristic-looking designs might raise a few eyebrows, Mr Yasin hopes that eventually... they'll grow on you.