A dress that sings and a jumpsuit with obstacle sensors: NTU students showcases wearable tech outfits

(From left) Love isn't blooming anymore by Arjess Cyrill Nkami and Controlled by Fok-Chi-Seng Fok Kow.
(From left) Love isn't blooming anymore by Arjess Cyrill Nkami and Controlled by Fok-Chi-Seng Fok Kow.PHOTOS: ANNISSA ATHIRAH

SINGAPORE - You would have heard of common wearable technology like smart watches and fitness trackers.

But how about a singing dress or one that helps you walk safely when you are looking at your phone?

These are some of the creations by students of the Wearable Technology, Fashion and Design courseat Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media.

Exploring how fusing fashion and technology can make a statement about our lives and the world we live in, they designed and produced 12 unique outfits, each incorporated with an electronic device.

Here are four of theoutfits presented during the students' end-of-semester fashion show on Wednesday (Nov 20).

1. Love isn't blooming anymore by Arjess Cyrill Nkami

A heart-shaped badge made of polyester and covered by metal wireis sewnonto thisoutfitwith cool blue shades. Hidden behind the badge is a heartbeat sensor - a red LED light will blink according to the wearer's pulse.

Its creator says this symbolises how vulnerable human beings can be when losing theirloved ones, and a shared desire to protect ourselves from emotional hurt.

2. Controlled by Fok-Chi-Seng Fok Kow

A satirical digat the thumb tribe, this outfit aids the wearer by helping them walk around safely without having to take their eyes off their phone screens.

LED lights on a strap attached to the grey bodysuit are connected to a radar which alerts the wearer to any obstacles nearby. The outfit is also covered in thick buckles to reduce the wearer's walking stride and give them more time to avoid incoming obstacles.

The design aims to prompt viewers to reflect on their use of smartphones.

3. Ocean Tide by Arinjit Das


Made from blue plastic bags and spoons, this dress draws attention to the immense amount of plastic polluting our oceans today. LED lights connected to a bare conductive touch board mimic the shimmer of waves and swirling schools of fish.

When someone goes too close, a proximity sensor is triggered and the lights turn red. This signifies how humans are bleeding out the marine biosphere and must learn to appreciate our oceans from a distance instead.

4. Memory by Dinh Hai Yen


Besides being visually captivating and made from different textured textiles, this outfit is scented with citrus and floral fragrances.

Motion sensors located at the shoulders and hips of the garment also pick up on contact and emit a short melody based on the contact points detected.

It is a representation of the vivid memories we collect through our five senses and individual emotions.