Mannequin Challenge, the new viral video sensation, set to cause a standstill in Singapore

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Or the Harlem Shake? Planking? Lip Dubs? Another video meme has emerged to distract the Internet.

If you haven't seen the Mannequin Challenge in your social media feeds or on your TV screen, you probably will soon.

In this latest viral video genre, groups of people are gathering and freezing themselves in place, often in elaborate poses and scenarios, as one camera-toting person walks through the scene to zoom in on the details. It's goofy, it's creative, it's innocent fun. The fad has been lapped up by the biggest stars from the sports and entertainment world.

It has also reached Singapore's shores. At Temasek Club’s bowling alley on Monday (Nov 14), Singapore's bowlers attempted the Mannequin Challenge. The idea was mooted by kegler Shayna Ng, who said she wanted to get in on the action after watching many videos online.

Some of the overseas videos below are set to the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, making it the unofficial anthem of the meme. (The rap duo recorded its own version of the challenge at a concert last week.)

More in Singapore, a wedding, a church, theatre company Wild Rice, Singapore Airlines and theme park Universal Studios Singapore have all stood still for some "mannequin" fun. 

It surely won't be long until marketers get approval to create their own. While it's still fun, there are countless videos to watch if you search for #MannequinChallenge on Twitter.