Lace shorts for men tickle netizens, but others 'knit' pick

First came male rompers, and now lace shorts for men.
First came male rompers, and now lace shorts for men.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ CAZWELLNYC, ORIGINALROMPHIM

Just a month after male rompers became the talk of the online sphere, lace shorts for men are taking the Internet by storm.

The lacy concoctions, in different pastel hues, were released on Thursday (June 1) on Los Angeles-based website

The all-lace shorts, which come in a range of bubblegum hues such as pink and baby blue, cost US$49 (S$68) and will be available for shipping from June 16.

On Instagram, where photos of the latest male fashion trend first went viral, netizens were not short of jokes.

Wrote Marcus R. Bates: "If you are going to wear this, please get your underwear game up. Colour coordinate or flesh tones. Either wear boxer briefs, bikinis or thongs. Nothing else."

Others took it slightly more seriously.

Joshua Nichols said he could see some men pulling off male rompers, which went viral in May after a Kickstarter campaign launched rompers for men called RompHim, but was going to draw the line at lace.

"The romps, sure I could see some guys pulling it off. Lace?! Maybe in some detail but the whole thing lace and in that you're just being tacky and overly dramatic."

One user stuck to her equality guns and said: "This style makes me uncomfortable on both guys and girls".

Many instagram users did say they would buy the shorts, however.