Taste test: You can drink your M&Ms and Snickers in these bottled drinks, but you may not want to

Twitter user @awksski's photographs of the candy bar drinks went viral this week. PHOTO: TWITTER/@AWKSSKI
Twitter user @awksski's photographs of the candy bar drinks went viral this week. PHOTO: TWITTER/@AWKSSKI

Fancy drinking your M&Ms or Snickers bars? That's right, there are drink versions of these sweet treats.

Pictures of these drinks, based on popular chocolate bars, went viral earlier this week after Twitter user Awksski posted pictures of them online.

They're available in Mustafa Centre (which is, quite possibly, the best grocery outlet in Singapore), and cost between $3.20 and $3.50 each.

When I went down on Tuesday (March 28), the Snickers drink was nearly sold out, but there was still ready stocks of the other drinks.

Here are the results of my taste test.

1. Galaxy

I started my liquid degustation with Galaxy, because in regular form this plain chocolate bar is the most basic of the lot.

After peeling off the foil seal from the bottle, I poured it out into a glass cup so that I could assess its colour and texture.

Honestly, the Galaxy drink was as little underwhelming. It looked and tasted just like an overwhelmingly thick, sweet chocolate milk.

It didn't even have a particularly rich taste, and its flavour leaned towards plain cream rather than cocoa.

A colleague who tried it said that it tasted like "sweet Milo", and he was right. Nothing special here.

2. Snickers

The texture of the Snickers drink was a little lighter, and tasted more watered down than Galaxy. Overall, this was a more palatable drink. This was probably my favourite flavour of the lot, as the taste stayed the truest to the original chocolate bar.

While the Peanut M&M drink (see below) tasted like someone blended peanuts and chocolate milk, the Snickers drink had a more complex, rounded flavour.

There was a distinct nutty taste, but this was tempered by notes of nougat, with the chocolate wrapping up both flavours - just like the candy bar. Overall, this is definitely worth trying.

3. M&M

The regular M&M drink was a lot darker in colour than the Snickers and the Galaxy, while its consistency was somewhere in between the two. The darker colour translated to a much more chocolatey taste, which was quite enjoyable. The drink reminded me a little of hot cocoa.

I was slightly disappointed that the drink did not manage to capture the essence of what makes an M&M special - that light, crispy shell - but I guess that may be too much to ask for in a drink.

4. M&M Peanut

The M&M Peanut was the same colour and consistency as the regular M&M drink, and the basic chocolate taste was also the same - rich, dark and quite tasty.

However, the peanut taste in this was very overpowering, with the smell of peanut wafting out the moment you open the bottle.

While this may appeal to nut fans, I found the drink overall a little one-dimensional, with nothing to balance out the heady aroma of peanuts. I would take the Snickers drink over this any day.

5. Snickers Protein

This was my least favourite of all the drinks that I tried. The colour of the Snickers Protein shake was quite light, more of a cafe latte than a mocha, and its texture looked similar to the regular Snickers drink. However, the taste was quite different.

While regular Snickers is sweet, the first thing that hits you about the protein drink is how salty it is. After that, you notice the texture - kind of gooey and slimey, the sort of aftertaste that sticks in your teeth and does not let go.

While regular protein shakes can sometimes have a bit of that sticky mouthfeel, it's usually made palatable by a tinge of sweetness. There was none of that here, and Snickers Protein is basically salty, slimy chocolate milk. Pass.