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Covid-19 stay-home guide: Taiwanese fare with bubble tea to boot

In this daily series, Senior Food Correspondent Wong Ah Yoke digs into delivery options and rates them for you

Fermented Beancurd Pork Belly, XXXL Crispy Chicken Chop, Oyster Mee Sua and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea.

Bubble tea fans need not panic. There are eateries with the drinks on the menu and you can get them delivered.

Emo Snacks, which opened early this month in Geylang Road, is one of them. The cafe specialises in Taiwanese snacks popular with Singaporeans - such as chicken chop, braised pork rice and oyster mee sua - and the sugary drink that has taken the world by storm.

I'm no expert on bubble tea as I seldom drink it, but the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea ($3.50) from Emo Snacks struck me as rather good. The taste of tea was distinct, with the brown sugar giving it more depth than normal syrup would.

You can choose the sugar level, from 0 to 120 per cent. I had mine at 75 per cent and it was perfect. A topping of pearls costs 50 cents, which was decent for the amount of chewy black balls in the drink.

I was impressed with the Oyster Mee Sua ($4.90) too.

The paper bowl was filled with noodles in a thick but not starchy gravy. There was just enough vinegar to perk it up. You could add some chilli oil that came packed separately, but I preferred it without.

Toppings comprised mid-sized oysters, shredded chicken breast, slices of crunchy black fungus and a bit of Chinese parsley.

XXXL Crispy Chicken Chop ($6.50) came cut into pieces in a paper bag, so I could not really say how big it was. But since I ate it together with the mee sua, I could not finish it.

It wasn't that crispy when delivered, but kept some crunch at the edges. Still, the well-seasoned and slightly spicy thigh meat was juicy and delicious - definitely one of the better Taiwanese-style chops I have had here.

I should not have ordered the Fermented Beancurd Pork Belly ($5) though. It was too salty.


    Call 9732-4016. Minimum order of $50, or $30 for Geylang area.


    Free for orders of at least $80 islandwide and $30 for Geylang area. Otherwise, it is $5 to $10.

    RATING: 3/5

I would also suggest that the cook remove the pork rind, which is much tougher than the meat and too chewy for a good mouth feel.

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