Pringles-flavoured cup noodles to be released in Japan

The collaboration is in celebration of Pringles' 50th anniversary and Super Cup's 30th. PHOTOS: PRINGLES JAPAN

Depending on your taste buds, sour cream and onion-flavoured instant noodles are either a dream come true or something to be avoided at all costs.

The creation is, however, one of four unique products that will be released in Japan this month.

On Thursday (Oct 4), Japanese news blog SoraNews24 reported that American potato chip brand Pringles would be collaborating with noodle brand Super Cup, owned by Japanese brand Acecook, to produce Pringles-flavoured ramen and ramen-flavoured Pringles.

The collaboration is in celebration of Pringles' 50th anniversary and Super Cup's 30th. Four products will be released in Japan as a result of this collaboration.

The first is jalapeno and onion-flavoured cup noodles. One-and-a-half times larger than regular cup noodles, this flavour contains potato and onion garnishing, and has a chicken stock base.

It also contains a separate packet of Pringles Jalapeno seasoning so that consumers can adjust the spice level to their liking.

Those who prefer a non-spicy option can look forward to sour cream and onion-flavoured yakisoba.

Aside from containing the same flavour of Pringles' sour cream, garlic, onion and cheese-flavoured potato chips, the yakisoba also comes with a separate packet of sour cream and onion flavouring.

Pringles-flavoured ramen is only half the story - there will be ramen-flavoured Pringles as well, under the Pringles and Super Cup collaboration.

The Acecook torigara shoyu ramen Pringles is a can of Pringles potato chips which will be flavoured with the same chicken bone soy sauce, or torigara shoyu, found in Super Cup's noodles of the same name.

The packaging for these ramen-flavoured Pringles is also inspired by the packaging on Super Cup's cup noodles. It will show a potato chip soaking inside a bowl of ramen broth, hot spring style, with a piece of roast pork.

Those who dislike poultry need not worry - Pringles potato chips will also come in another popular ramen flavour, known as Acecook ika yakisoba aji, which refers to a squid and fried noodle flavour.

The squid fried noodle potato chips are said to contain a trio of tastes: Sweet, tart and umami. Umami refers to a savoury taste.

The instant noodles will hit shelves in supermarkets and stores across Japan on Oct 15, while the new potato chip flavours will be available from Oct 23. The former will cost 200 yen (S$2.42), while the latter will retail for 122 yen.

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