McDonald's popular curry sauce set to return on Thursday after four-month absence

SINGAPORE - Fans of McDonald's curry sauce can now rejoice because their favourite dip will be back in restaurants on Thursday.

The popular chicken nugget dip has been unavailable since February due to congestion at the United States West Coast ports.

McDonald's popular curry sauce was introduced more than 20 years ago. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER FILE

In a statement to The Straits Times on Wednesday, a spokesman from McDonald's thanked customers for their patience and confirmed the return of the curry dip.

Curry sauce lovers had taken to social media to air their unhappiness, with numerous comments on McDonald's Facebook page and even a thread on social networking site Reddit lamenting its absence.

The fast food chain's curry sauce was introduced more than 20 years ago.

Civil servant and curry sauce connoisseur Ms Lai Yi Ying, 23, says the dip - only available here - is how she knows she is home. "The nuggets around the world taste just as good but no amount of barbeque or sweet and sour sauce would ever make up for curry sauce."