Making traditional peanut candy from scratch

Teochew bakery Sze Thye Cake Shop still makes its pastries from scratch.CREDIT: ST VIDEO

At Sze Thye Cake Shop, a Teochew bakery in Beach Road, owner-baker Koh Sun Liang, 69, still painstakingly makes traditional pastries such as tau sar piah and peanut candy from scratch.

Items are made the old-fashioned way, without shortcuts.

The bakery was founded in 1950 by Mr Koh's father, and the younger Mr Koh has been helping in the kitchen since he was a young boy.

Making peanut candy involves having to make caramel, roasting and salting peanuts, as well as frying sesame seeds, among other things. Mr Koh shows how it is done in this video.


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