Lombardo's The Most Expensive Burger In Singapore comes covered in gold leaf and costs $250


SINGAPORE - If you are wondering what The Most Expensive Burger In Singapore tastes like, check it out at Lombardo's Burger, a new burger joint in Duxton Road, from Friday (Oct 11) to Oct 21.

That is the name of a burger created for the official opening of the eatery on Friday and the price is a whopping $250.

It comes with a 200g patty of seared Japanese Kobe wagyu brisket topped with a butter-poached lobster tail, pan-seared foie gras, banana shallots braised with champagne, shaved Italian truffle, spicy red cabbage compote and a spoonful of caviar. And the top of the bun is covered in gold leaf.

Profits go to the The Children's Charities Association of Singapore to help raise awareness of the challenges faced by children with disabilities.

Lombardo's is the first international franchise of an eatery that began in 2010 in Amsterdam.

Its head chef and founder Martijn Verdonk, 43, said: "Since this is the first branch abroad, we want to introduce ourselves to Singapore and give something back to society."

He based the burger on a similar one he created seven years ago to raise money for the homeless in Amsterdam. That was slightly less deluxe with the patty made with American wagyu and the bun topped with gold flecks. Thirty-five burgers priced at about €80 (S$121) were sold then.

Chef Verdonk will be preparing the burgers himself and hopes to sell at least 40 burgers over the 10 days. "The more we sell, the more money we can raise for charity," he said. The cost of ingredients for each burger is about $150, he added.

Foodies who cannot stomach the price can still enjoy the eatery's other offerings.


For the new outlet, the chef has come up with a Singapore Fling burger priced at $35 that has a wagyu patty topped with spicy crab meat and melted cheddar.

Other offerings on the menu are similar to those in Amsterdam. They include the Hangover Burger ($27.50) with Black Angus beef, grilled pancetta and sweet red wine onion compote, and Pork-A-Licious ($29.50), which has pulled pork braised in beer on top of a Black Angus patty.