Full listing of eateries recognised as Singapore's Heritage Heroes

(From left) Chicken Maryland from Colbar Restaurant, Nasi Briyani from The Banana Leaf Apolo and Lana Cakes' chocolate fudge cake.
(From left) Chicken Maryland from Colbar Restaurant, Nasi Briyani from The Banana Leaf Apolo and Lana Cakes' chocolate fudge cake. PHOTOS: ST FILE, THE BANANA LEAF APOLO

SINGAPORE - More than 80 bakeries, hawker stalls and restaurants have been recognised in this year's Heritage Heroes Awards, which puts the spotlight on time-honoured eateries that preserve local culinary traditions. 

Now in its third edition, the annual listing is organised by Slow Food (Singapore), a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to preserving heritage dishes and ingredients, celebrating food culture and traditions, protecting diversity and championing responsible consumption.

Here is the full list. 

Heritage Restaurants 


1. Dragon Phoenix Restaurant (Specialty dishes: Prosperity Yu Sheng, Yam Basket, Phoenix Spring Chicken, Kyoto Pork Ribs)

2. Lai Wah Restaurant (New Year Yu Sheng, Yam Pot with Shredded Meat, Mandarin Stewed Chicken)


3. Moi Lum Restaurant (Majestic Roast Chicken, Golden Coin Beancurd)

4. Hillman Restaurant (Claypot dishes, Paper Chicken)

5. Capital Restaurant (Shanghai Hairy Crabs, Sultan Fish)

6. Red Star Restaurant (Dim Sum)

7. Manhill Restaurant (Claypot dishes, Paper Chicken)


1. Colbar Eating House (Pork Chops with Mushrooms, Sausages and Eggs, Ox Liver Chips and Peas)

2. Foster's Restaurant (Fillet Fantastique, Oxtail Stew, Devonshire Cream Tea)

3. The Ship Restaurant & Bar (Ship Steak, Chicken Maryland, Oxtail Stew)

4. Prince Coffee House (Beef Kway Teow, Steaks, Oxtail Stew)

5. Mariner's Corner Restaurant (Colonial Oxtail Stew, Lobster Bisque, Escargot)

6. Shashlik Restaurant (Borsch Soup, Beef Shashlik, Chicken a'la Kiev, Bombe Alaska)


1. Lee Do Restaurant (Red Wine Chicken Soup, Fried Pig's Liver, Seafood Soup and White Rice Cake, Cold Crab)


1. Chin Chin Eating House (Chicken Rice, Hainanese Pork Chop, Hainanese Mutton Soup)

2. Mooi Chin Place (Hainanese Pork Chop, Deep Fried Pomfret, Hainanese Mutton Soup)

3. Yet Con Restaurant (Chicken Rice, Hainanese Pork Chop, Steamboat)

4. Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant (Chicken Rice, Hainanese Pork Chop)

5. Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant (old-school steamboat, sets replete with tripe, pork liver, sea cucumber and cockles)

Hainanese/ Peranakan 

1. Pow Sing Restaurant (Chicken Rice, Nonya Otak,Crispy Fried Chicken Wing with Prawn Paste, Fish Head Curry)


1. Goldhill Hakka Restaurant (1997) (Abacus Beads, Yong Tau Fu, Steamed La-la - Manila Clams)

2. Plum Village Restaurant (Salted Vegetables with Pork, Hakka Yong Tau Fou, Abacus Beads, Fried Prawns with Hakka Wine)

Heng Hua 

1. Ming Chung Restaurant (Stir Fry Clams, Fried Mee Sua, Lor Mee)


1. Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant (Fujian Style Duck Salad w Fresh Mango, Braised Pork Bun, Fish Maw Soup, Roasted Suckling Pig)

2. Quan Xiang Yuan (Jing Ji) Seafood Restaurant (Prawn Rolls, Fish Maw Sea Cucumber Stew)

3. Beng Hiang (Hokkien Fried Noodles)

Indian Muslim

1. Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant (Murtabak)

2. Islamic Restaurant Singapore (Briyani)

Indian Vegetarian

1. Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant (Thosai, Appam and Vegetarian Briyani)

2. Komala Vilas Restaurant (Thosai, Vadai)


1. Sabah Menanti II Restaurant (Nasi Padang, Beef Rendang, Ikan Bakar, Opor Nangka - tripe with jackfruit, Dendeng Balado)

2. Warong Nasi Pariaman (Ayam Pangang, Ikan Bakar, Beef Rendang)

Oriental Halal 

1. Mackenzie Rex Restaurant (Black Pepper Crab, Cereal Prawns, Hainanese Chicken Rice)


1. Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant (Ikan Bawal Assam Nanas Pedas, Ayam Buah Keluak)

2. House of Peranakan Cuisine (Nonya Ngoh Hiang, Otak Otak, Itek Sio, Ayam Buah Keluak)


1. Roland Restaurant (Chilli Crab, Black Sauce Prawns, Fried Baby Squid)

2. Hua Yu Wee (Crispy Baby Squid, Sotong Yutiao, Chilli Crab)

Singapore Chinese 

1. Spring Court (Popiah, Fried Chicken with Prawn Paste, Steamed Chicken, Ham and Kailan, Peking Duck)

2. (Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant (Sambal Pomfret)

3. Fatty Weng Restaurant (Chilli Crab, Deepfried Soon Hock, Peking Duck)

4. Westlake Restaurant (Braised Pork Pau)

South Indian 

1. Samy's Curry Restaurant (Fish Head Curry, Chicken Masala)

2. Indian Muthu's Curry Restaurant (Fish Head Curry)

3. The Banana Leaf Apolo (Fish Head Curry)


1. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner (Fish Head Steamboat)

2. Hung Kang Restaurant (Cold Crabs, Braised Goose, Oyster Omelette and Steamed Pomfret)

3. Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee (1998) (Crispy Sea Cucumber, Prawn Rolls, Braised Duck)

4. Ban Heng Air-conditioned Restaurant (Teochew Cold Crab and Buddha Jump over the Wall)

5. Chin Lee Restaurant (Chye Poh Kway Teow, Oyster Omelette, Hae Chor and Orh Nee)

6. Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant (Braised Duck, Steamed Pomfret, Sambal Crayfish)

7. Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant (Steamed Kampong Chicken, Suckling Pig)

8. Yuan Xin Chao Zhou Restaurant (Braised Goose, Fried Liver Roll, Pork Trotter Jelly, Steamed Pomfret, Oyster Porridge)

Heritage Bakeries and Confectioneries 

Cakes &  Pastries

1. Mary's Kafe (Eurasian snacks, desserts and cakes)

2. Lana Cake Shop (Chocolate Cake, Fruit Cake)

3. Indian Muslim Bakery & Confectionery (Karipap, Indian Muslim snacks)

4. Dona Manis Cake Shop (Banana Pie, Rum Balls, buns, cakes)

5. Chin Mee Chin Confestionery (Cakes, Kaya Toast, Kopi)

6. Balmoral Bakery (Pies, pastries and cakes)

Kueh Kueh

1. Kuehs And Snacks (Png Kueh, Soon Kueh, Black Kueh)

2. Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Putu Piring)

3. Tiong Bahru Teochew Kueh (Teochew Kueh)

4. Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry (Nyonya Kueh, pastries, cakes)

5. Teck Neo Pineapple Tarts Shop (Pineapple Tarts, Nyonya Kueh)

6. Tan's Tu Tu Coconut Cake (Kueh Tu Tu)

7. Lina Confectionery & Trading (Kueh Ambon, Rissoles, cakes)

8. LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry (Pineapple Tarts, Bean Curd Tarts, Rum Balls, Cakes)

9. Ji Xiang Confectionary (Ang Ku Kueh)

10. Hainan Xiao Chi (Traditional Hainanese cakes, snacks, desserts)

11. Glory Catering (Katong) (Nyonya kueh, Golden Agar Agar, Chinese New Year goodies)

12. HarriAnn's Delights (Nyonya kueh, cookies)

Traditional Breads & Buns

1. Traditional Bakery Supplier (Traditional White Loaf Bread, French Loaf)

2. (Ghee Leong) Sing Hon Loong Bakery (Traditional White and Brown Loaf Bread, buns)

3. Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery (Traditional White Loaf Bread, buns, cakes)

4. Love Confectionery (Old-fashioned loaves, buns and cakes)

5. Jie Bakery & Confectionery (Traditional White and Brown Loaf Bread, Kaya, buns)

6. Jackson Bakery & Confectionery (Traditional White Loaf Bread, Kaya) 

Traditional Piah

1. Yang Hua Cake House (Tao Sar Piah, wedding biscuits, Teochew pastries)

2. Tong Heng Confectionery (Egg Tarts, mooncakes, pastries, piah)

3. Thye Moh Chan (Teochew piah, cookies, candies)

4. Tan Hock Seng (Hokkien piah, kueh, cakes)

5. Tai Thong Cake Shop (Mooncakes, piah, Chinese New Year items)

6. Tai Chong Kok (Mooncakes, piah, Chinese New Year items)

7. Sze Thye Cake Shop (Traditional piah, Nut Brittle, Puffed Rice Snacks, candies)

8. Poh Guan Cake House (Teochew piah, kueh and Chinese New Year items)

9. Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah (Tau Sar Piah – Bean Paste Biscuit)