Five must-try legendary coffee shops around Indonesia

Tak Kie Iced Coffee Shop has been serving traditional iced coffee since 1927, PHOTO: THE JAKARTA POST

(THE JAKARTA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The rise of modern coffee shops in Indonesia's major cities has not caused legendary coffee shops to shut down operations. Here are five coffee shops around Indonesia that have survived the test of time.

Tak Kie Iced Coffee Shop, Jakarta


Established in 1927, Tak Kie Iced Coffee Shop is very popular among coffee lovers. Its milk coffee uses Robusta and Arabica coffee from Lampung, Toraja and Sidikalang. Located in the famed Gang Gloria in Glodok, Jakarta, Tak Kie boasts its signature iced coffee at very affordable prices starting at 15,000 rupiah (S$1.50). Aside from coffee, patrons are able to enjoy full meals such as kwetiau (flat rice noodles), noodles and bihun.

Solong Coffee House, Aceh


The Solong Coffee House located at Jl. T. Iskandar Muda 13-14, Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh, was established in 1974. Among the menu items offered are coffee with milk, sareng coffee and black coffee. For Arabica Gayo coffee lovers, this place is a must-visit when in Aceh.

Ake Coffee House, Belitung


Ake Coffee House is known as the oldest coffee house in Tanjung Pandan, as it was established in 1922. Drinks offered here are very affordably priced, starting at 6,000 rupiah. The common snack to accompany your coffee in Ake Coffee House is its soft-boiled egg.

Purnama Coffee House, Bandung


Purnama Coffee House was established in 1930 on Jl Alkateri Bandung. Formerly known as Chang Chong Se Coffee House, which means "Please Try", this coffee house is managed by the family members of founders Yong A Thong and Yong Kie Lian. Aside from its famed variety of coffee, the coffee shop also serves snacks and breakfast. One of its most recommended snacks is roti selai srikaya (srikaya jam bread) and roti dadar worst (bread with egg and sausage).

Kong Djie Coffee House, Belitung


Brewing since 1943, Kong Djie Coffee House is one of the most famous coffee houses in Belitung. Offering a variety of coffee, you can find Kong Djie coffee at several places in Belitung. To accompany the delicious coffee, you can enjoy a variety of snacks, such as fritters, doughnuts and nasi gemuk (spiced rice).

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