Bangkok's Zakuzaku, sister brand to Bake Cheese Tart, introduces a sticky cream puff

Sticky cream puff Croquant Chou is filled with custard cream and has a crunchy texture.
Sticky cream puff Croquant Chou is filled with custard cream and has a crunchy texture.PHOTO: THE NATION

(THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Few Thais can resist Japanese bakery items and the newest cream puff, Croquant Chou, has now arrived at Zakuzaku, a sister brand of Bake Cheese Tart Thailand, whose first Bangkok branch can be found at Siam Center.

Founded in 2014, Zakuzaku is one of Japan’s favourite pastry brands and is the first bakehouse to offer Croquant Chou, a unique kind of sticky cream puff that is freshly filled with custard cream and completed with a crunchy texture.

Adhering to the house’s “Factory in Shop” concept, each chou is freshly baked in the store and filled with custard cream for each order, thus allowing customers to witness the entire process and enjoy its guaranteed freshness.

Zakuzaku also serves soft-serve ice cream made of Hokkaido milk and coated with Croquant crusts.

The unique concept of Zakuzaku stands by the “wearable choux” philosophy, reflecting a commitment to creating an exclusive kind of baked goodie you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.

The Bangkok branch promises to carry on the philosophy of the brand, offering only the best quality baked goods made mainly of imported ingredients from Japan Bake Cheese Tart Thailand, led by Willy McIntosh, Kathaleeya McIntosh and their business partners.

Retail prices are 75 baht (S$3) for a Croquant Chou and 135 baht for soft serve. The shop is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Call 091-916-4224 for details.