13 places to go for matcha-flavoured treats from cakes to ice cream

From crepe cakes to ice cream to hot lattes, you're going to love these 13 places to satisfy your matcha cravings

Matcha soft serve at Matchaya

(HER WORLD) - Going green has never been more delicious, and matcha mania is at its best right now, with many patissiers, ice-cream makers and dessert mavens offering their best in the flavour.

Finely-milled green tea powder is well-loved for its mild bitterness, and the fact that it is packed with antioxidants is a huge plus in our books. From decadent desserts to dessert-like drinks, we round up our favourite matcha indulgences around the island.

1. Matcha Soft Serve at Matchaya

You know that these guys take their matcha seriously because they take pains to import the finest green tea powder from Japan. The ingredients are certified organic, and are free of preservatives. As a result, the matcha flavour is potent and the ice-cream's texture is velvety and rich. Matchaya also brings in seasonal matcha varieties, like a special blend from Uji Prefecture, made from the Saemidori and Yabukita green tea varieties. That results in an intense Koicha soft-serve where the matcha flavours are more pronounced, less bitter and give more umami. Any matcha soft serve at Matchaya can be enjoyed with additional shots of matcha drizzled over your soft-serve.

Prices start at $5.90 per serve.

2. Matcha Parfaits at Tsujiri

There are matcha creations to suit every taste on Tsujiri's varied menu, but we are partial to their parfaits. These are matcha soft-serve sundaes with layers of red bean, brown rice flakes, chiffon cake, mochi (glutinous rice balls) and more. The ice-cream flavour here has a more pronounced sweetness instead of having a strong bitter taste particular to matcha - a good way to introduce the flavour to matcha newbies.

Prices start at $5.

3. Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake at Lady M

A cake made up of 20 paper-thin, delicate crepes with pastry cream in between. What could be better? Well, one where matcha has accented every layer and been dusted on the top! The vibrant green hue and beautifully symmetrical layered cake make this a showstopper.

$9 for a slice, $96.30 for a whole cake.

4. Green Tea Messy Bun at BreadTalk

The Messy Bun dessert trend that's taken Singapore by storm literally leaves an impression on your face and fingers. Messy Buns are confections that have fillings and toppings which are, well, meant to be messy. The Green Tea Messy Sun ($2.50) has a smooth green tea cream filling and is coated with white chocolate ganache, and generously dusted with green tea icing sugar. You'll be happily licking leftovers off your fingers and lips. Dig in!

5. Matcha Cream Bun at Hattendo

Japanese import Hattendo's best-selling item is a cross between bread and a cream puff. Pillowy soft bread contains a flavoured cream filling that is delicate and light, and bursts out with each bite. The matcha flavour complements the cream's light and airy texture, and is delicate rather than overly sweet. We can easily eat 3 to 4 of these simple, straightforward treats in one sitting.

Priced at $2.50 each.

6. Matcha Green Tea Bingsu at O'ma spoon Korean Dessert Cafe

While most Korean dessert bars serve a matcha-flavoured bingsu, we are partial to O'ma Spoon's version of the Korean shaved ice dessert. It's a snowflake bingsu, which means the ice here is creamier than others. The green tea powder is 100% organic and imported from Hadong in Korea, and is paired with red beans, almonds and peanuts. The whole confection is topped with drizzled milk and a scoop of matcha ice-cream. Good enough to share, but why would you?

Priced at $13.90 (regular) or $5.80 for the petite size.

7. Camouflage Matcha Latte at Antoinette

A caffeine kick and gives a boost to this cup. The Parisian-themed cafe and tea room's Camouflage Matcha Latte is a cross between a matcha drink and a ristretto (a short shot of espresso). Strong, with the much-loved matcha flavour, this is exactly the wake-up call you need every morning.

Priced at $7.50 per cup.

8. Matcha Tone at Ronin

If it's pure matcha flavour you love, Ronin's Matcha Tone ($6) is the drink for you. Matcha paste and steamed milk are served in a glass cup. Mix it all up, sip it, or use a spoon to scrape at it any way you please.

9. Matcha Avalanche at Non Entree Desserts

This dessert cafe constantly pushes the envelope with their clever creations. Their matcha dessert ($13.90) is a bright green, matcha-flavoured cake with a molten core that sits on an almond nougatine disc. It's all balanced precariously over a cup which contains a scoop of roasted green tea gelato, edible flowers and chocolate soil. Slice into the cake, and the green "lava" flows into the cup below, drenching its contents. It's a fun dessert and it's as delicious as it is photogenic.

10. Matcha Pancakes at Kyushu Pancake

The pancakes made of 7 types of grains from Kyushu at this cafe are a party in your mouth. Made from a mix of wheat, sprouted brown rice, millet, pressed barley, purple rice, non-glutinous and red glutinous rice, they have a ridiculously fluffy texture and nutty taste that's made better with the addition of matcha. Try the Matcha Tiramisu, where the pancakes are served with mascarpone cheese, vanilla ice-cream, an intense matcha sauce and a dusting of brown sugar. Or, go for the Matcha Mont Blanc, where the pancakes are topped with hazelnut matcha mousse and sauce, with a side of vanilla ice-cream.

Prices start at $16.

11. Matcha Mochi and Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart at Janice Wong's

Janice Wong is a magician when it comes to desserts and her matcha creations are not to be missed. Her matcha mochi (available at Paragon and Raffles City retail outlets for $3) are soft and cloud-like, and are filled with matcha cream. Head to Wong's sit-down restaurants to try the Tsujirihei Green Tea Tart ($20). Made with the finest matcha sourced from Kyoto, and served with lemongrass and jasmine rice sherbet on the side, this offering is art on a plate. The kicker lies in the matcha-laced liquid custard that flows out of the tart when you cut into it.

12. Le Omm at Nesuto

This French patisserie on Tras Street has the prettiest cakes on display and Le 'Omm' stands out, thanks to its gorgeous green shades. Be warned - this is no dainty cake. It's made of matcha mousse sponge layers, filled with matcha-flavoured mascarpone cheese and azuki bean paste, and flavoured with dark rum.

Full-bodied and unapologetically matcha, this one costs $9 per slice.

13. Matcha Milk Cheesecake at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

The most decadent cheesecake in town just got better with the addition of pure Uji, a premium green tea powder from Kyoto. In this confection, layers of matcha-flavoured mascarpone and cream cheese are paired with Hokkaido milk mousse, Hokkaido fresh cream and a crepe layer. It all results in a delicious, rich and bittersweet piece of cheesecake heaven.

Costs $33 for a 12cm whole cake, or have it as part of a sundae for $10.

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