Rompers every Singaporean guy should have

Over the past month, the Internet has gone gaga over what might be the freshest fashion wave for men since the mankini. 

Thankfully, this one is not NSFW and will not leave you mentally scarred. 

The RompHim, or male romper, is a one-piece suit combining shorts and a shirt. Women and children have worn rompers for ages, but it’s slowly turning into a trend for guys too.

It all started when a group of friends decided to raise funds to create this “new favourite summer outfit”.

Then, people got excited over print clothing store Getonfleek’s male romper designs, which sported everything from everyone’s favourite poop emoji, a shocked Donald Trump and a grinning Kim Jong Un that you cannot unsee.

Considering how it’s so hot and humid here in Singapore, it’s a wonder how rompers - with their breathable necklines and roomy leg openings - have not yet become a hit with our guys.

So without further ado, here are some custom romper looks we reckon every Singaporean guy should own:


The girls have it, so why can’t we? Inspired by the Singapore Airlines stewardess uniform, this masculine twist on the iconic sarong kebaya will have you looking like a first-class high flyer in no time. The floral batik prints also mean you won’t ever have to worry about looking... plane.


Who needs Prada when you have Prata? Never again will you need to wear your army PT singlet to the hawker centre. This crisp look will help you survive the heat and let everyone know that you’re more serious about food than the average Singaporean. The best part? You can spill all the curry on yourself and still look tasteful.


look 1 bubble tea.jpg

When the nation recently mourned Gong Cha, it became apparent that everyone is still thirsty for bubble tea, even though it’s been 16 years since Singapore’s bubble tea boom. So treat yourself. Immerse your body in jumbo cup of milky goodness as chewy tapioca pearls nestle around your thighs, all while miraculously staying dry. 25% sugar, 100% hotness.


With this one of a kind urban outfit, you can now play hide and seek in the heartlands like a pro. The intricate pattern of long corridors, potted plants and laundry on bamboo poles will help you camouflage so effortlessly against the numerous HDB blocks so many of us call home. Don’t wait - unleash your inner Hunk, Dude and Bro now.


Why bother layering when you can look like a sticky, delicious rainbow with peelable stripes? Those with a sweet tooth, especially, can don this with in-kueh-dible pride.


You’ve had breakfast with her, now it’s time to wear her. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Ah Meng or Ah Beng - anyone can pay tribute to Singapore’s original celebrity orang utan. For those guys who’ve always felt a bit hairless, now you can go fur-ther and make them ladies go bananas.

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