Ikea releases DIY guide for making its rugs into Game Of Thrones cloaks

Ikea's Skold rug (right), which costs US$79 (S$108), was used to make some cloaks in Game Of Thrones.
Ikea's Skold rug (right), which costs US$79 (S$108), was used to make some cloaks in Game Of Thrones.PHOTOS: IKEA/HBO

SINGAPORE - Ikea released a step-by-step guide last Friday (Aug 11) for cutting its rugs into the cloaks worn by Game of Thrones' characters, following renewed interest in comments made by head costume designer Michele Clapton last year.

In the speech at the Los Angeles' Getty Museum, Clapton, who has worked on all but the sixth season of the series, revealed that some cloaks in the fantasy drama show were actually Ikea rugs.

She said: "(The) capes were actually Ikea rugs. We take anything we can. We cut, we shaped them, we added strong leather straps.

"I want the audience to almost smell the costumes," she added, "They were waxed and frosted so they belong to the landscape."

Last Friday, Ikea Norway posted the guide on its Facebook page showing how fans can cut the rugs to create what it called "Winter Shoulder Warmers". The how-to which comprised four images came in the midst of season seven of the popular fantasy drama.

Each Skold rug,  which is the product used in the costume-making, costs US$79 (S$108).

But fans here are in for a disappointment. Responding to queries from The Straits Times on Wednesday, an Ikea Singapore spokesman said its stores do not carry the Skold rugs.

Asked whether Ikea Singapore might consider bringing in the rugs, the spokesman replied: "We don't have any plans in the near future to carry this range."