Bulletproof fashion in Colombia

The look is bulletproof-chic in Bogota, where Colombian clothing designer Miguel Caballero rolls out this season's ambush ready wear.

BOGOTA (Reuters) - These models are ready to dodge a bullet.

Going bullet-proof is the look at Miguel Caballero's fashion show in Bogota - where the models are sporting ambush-ready wear.

But the look goes far beyond the garments. Designed to protect dignitaries, heads of state and VIPs, Miguel Caballero's Colombian-made couture is meant to protect people, discreetly.

Mr Caballero said, "Our mission is to save human lives, preserve lives and when we are called by survivors who had an incident in real life, who was attacked by delinquency, then we feel we are fulfilling the work we came to do."

Distributor Rasheda Walker says it's all about the effortless design.

"It's amazing, it's discreet, it's lightweight, the innovation is beautiful, you don't even know that anyone is wearing it, and that's the whole point, is to have your VIP clients wearing something that no one would ever know about and it's also saving lives," said Mr Walker.

Caballero's clothing and body armor company is popular among Mexican government officials, the King of Jordan and a bevy of presidents from Latin America.

A fashionable line with looks that could kill.