Bodyguards foil German stalker's bid to talk to Twice singer Nayeon on flight

Josh previously shot videos of the places known to be frequented by Twice singer Nayeon, and asked shopkeepers to hand over his letters to the singer if they see her. SCREENGRAB FROM JOSH1994/YOUTUBE, TWICETAGRAM/INSTAGRAM

A 25-year-old German in the news for stalking Twice singer Nayeon has made the headlines again for an inflight ruckus.

The German, who is known only as Josh, wants to marry the singer and set up home in Australia.

But his actions, including trying to get help from the girl group's agency JYP Entertainment to get in touch with Nayeon, 24, have sparked further fan distress after his latest attempt went viral.

On Jan 1, he was on the same flight as Twice, with the group flying back to Seoul from Japan after filming a special for a broadcaster.

Two managers "attacked me on the plane for no good reason", he posted online, adding that "I (just) wanted to give Nayeon my love letters calmly".

He claimed that the managers spoke loudly in a bid to drown out his voice and prevent Nayeon from hearing what he said.

Josh said their actions prompted the flight crew to ask them to keep quiet.

"What they did was completely insane. I will go to the police and report them for physically attacking me."

But netizens are not convinced that he deserves sympathy, with many calling for his arrest and expulsion from South Korea over his continual stalking of the singer.

"He already posted on Instagram he was the one harassed by her manager and bodyguards... the man is mentally ill and dangerous," one fan noted.

Josh's previous acts included shooting videos of the places known to be frequented by Nayeon, and asking shopkeepers to hand over his letters to the singer if they see her.

Nayeon herself is traumatised by the plane incident.

Posting on Twice's Instagram account, accompanied by a photo of a plane window, she wrote: "Please go back home. Please stop. I beg you."

The Korea Times reported that JYP, in its statement of the confrontation with Josh, said: "The stalker was warned several times but ignored the warnings and tried to approach Nayeon.

"He escalated the situation by raising his voice and trying to clash with our security guards."

The company apologised to other passengers over the commotion caused.

JYP added that Nayeon and other Twice singers are now under police protection.

But how did Josh know about Twice's flight details?

Fans want the agency to get to the bottom of the matter, even as Josh has said that he is not a stalker but is only in love with Nayeon as a person.


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