Dalian Wanda in talks to buy stake in Dick Clark Productions

The Chinese media conglomerate is in talks to buy a controlling stake in the American company that runs the Golden Globes and other major award shows.

DALIAN, CHINA (Reuters) - The reach of Chinese media mogul Dalian Wanda may soon extend to your living room.

Mr Wang Jianlin's conglomerate already reaches Americans through its AMC cinemas, and it's now in talks to buy a controlling stake in Dick Clark Productions. That is the TV production company that runs award shows ranging from the Miss America beauty pageants to the star-studded Golden Globe awards.

Mr Wang, China's richest man, is on a shopping spree. He owns Jurassic World co-producer Legendary Entertainment and he was trying to buy a stake in Paramount Pictures until owner Viacom decided last week not to sell it.

"Right now, they're just in acquisition mode, trying to acquire as much as they can before there's any sort of limit set on how much you can buy. You may know that regulators sometimes look at whether movie studios can own movie theatres. So that's one issue. so I think he just wants to buy kind of as much as he can try to get more movies into China from the States," said Reuters correspondent Liana Baker.

He's currently trying to buy theatre operator, Carmike Cinemas.

The latest development comes just days after Wanda announced it was partnering with Sony Pictures to market the Hollywood studio's movies in China. It's all part of Mr Wang's quest to transform his property and cinema company into a global entertainment giant. He has even expressed interest in the so-called "big six" Hollywood studios.