TVB actress Vicky Chan arrested for drink driving; career may take a hit

 TVB actress Vicky Chan was caught drink driving on Oct 25, 2019.
TVB actress Vicky Chan was caught drink driving on Oct 25, 2019.PHOTO: VTHECHAN/INSTAGRAM

The road to stardom is a long and winding one in Hong Kong but TVB actress Vicky Chan had made some headway.

Many fans now know her from her casting as a sassy character in popular sitcom Come Home Love - Lo And Behold.

But Chan has hit a bump after she was caught drink driving on Friday (Oct 25).

Reports said she was driving a BMW which hit a taxi that night in Happy Valley in Hong Kong.

When she took a breathalyser test at the scene, Chan, 28, was found to have breached the legal limit.

She was arrested and taken to a police station for questioning before she was released.

She has since pleaded for fans' understanding.

In an online post, she wrote: "I've made a mistake. I truly want to apologise to everyone who has cared for me and has been affected by this incident."

Chan added that she will not shy away from "facing the consequences" and will think deeply over how to get back on the right road again.

While broadcaster TVB has not commented on the incident, Oriental Daily News cited a producer from Come Home Love as saying: "Depending on her condition on Monday, we will decide if she will continue working."

TVB previously put shows featuring Jacqueline Wong in cold storage after she was caught kissing singer Andy Hui in April.

It has reportedly also given the cold shoulder to artists who take the side of protesters in Hong Kong demonstrations, an act that is seen to protect its access to the huge Chinese market.