Taiwan's 'Queen of ballroom dance' Serena Liu in critical condition after heart surgery

Taiwanese dance instructor and former TV host Serena Liu reportedly fell into a coma after a heart valve repair operation.
Taiwanese dance instructor and former TV host Serena Liu reportedly fell into a coma after a heart valve repair operation.PHOTOS: SERENA LIU/FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

Taiwan's "Queen of ballroom dance" Serena Liu is reportedly in critical condition after her heart stopped during an operation two weeks ago, Taiwan media reported.

Liu, 44, also known as Liu Chen, had gone for a heart valve repair surgery. She is known for hosting the talk show, Fall In Love With 9.30 (2005 to 2006), with TV host Jacky Wu and is an expert in Latin dance.

On Wednesday (Feb 19), Taiwan's Liberty Times reported that she fell into a coma after the operation and has been put on extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (Ecmo) for 13 days.

Her husband, singer Shin Lung, said initially through his manager that she was in hospital for a health screening. However, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, where Liu was hospitalised, confirmed the media reports later in the day.

Wu, the head of Shin's management agency, also confirmed the news indirectly when he told the media he was aware of her condition.

Taiwanese media said that Liu, who suffered from a narrowed aortic valve, could have opted for an aortic valve replacement, but it would require long-term medication after the surgery to prevent blood clots .

Liu, who has a four-year-old daughter with Shin, opted for heart valve repair surgery as she is hoping to have a second child. She is concerned that her plan would be derailed by the medication.

According to Apple Daily, Shin has suspended his work and is at home taking care of his daughter, while his mother-in-law is accompanying Liu in hospital.

China Times said that Shin, who has a role in Singaporean director Jack Neo's movie Killer Not Stupid which was screened in Taiwan during Chinese New Year, has taken part in only two promotional activities for the movie. He did not take part in other activities on Dec 17, citing a clash in schedules, leading to speculation that Liu has been unwell since then.

Sources told the Taiwanese media that Liu's family are looking into the possibility of a heart transplant for her and waiting for a heart donor.