Taiwanese star Annie Yi re-marries in Phuket

Taipei - Almost exactly six years after she announced her divorce from singer Harlem Yu, Taiwanese singer Annie Yi re-married last Saturday.

She announced their divorce on March 20 in 2009. Last Saturday, on March 21, the singer, who is 46, wed Chinese actor Qin Hao, 36, at the Phuket Laguna resort, watched by family and close friends.

Just like singer Jay Chou, who held his wedding in England, Taiwan and Australia, her nuptials will be repeated in Beijing this month.

Wedding feasts, as reported, will also be held in Taipei and Shenyang, the groom's hometown.

That is not counting Qin's elaborate proposal, complete with roses, candles and fireworks at a restaurant in Turkey last July.

It is a big bash, considering that Yi did not have a wedding ceremony or donned a bridal gown when she married Yu, now 53.

The former China's Got Talent judge wore four Vera Wang gowns, two of which were shown in bridal photos shot in Thailand, which she released last Friday.

The actual wedding photos will be released on Monday, her publicity team reportedly said.

On the invitation cards, guests were asked to refrain from sharing the pictures or leaking the wedding details before Tuesday. That, as Apple surmised, was to ensure that only touched-up, photogenic shots went out officially.

Harry, her 13-year-old son with Yu, was thought to be in Phuket too.

Yu, meanwhile, last Friday posted a picture of himself pouring used water into the tank of a water cistern and exhorting people to save water.

Was that his way of flushing away bad memories of his past with Yi, netizens wondered.

One wrote: "He's so smart. Scolding people without using a bad word."

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