Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu flies back to Singapore with her son to be reunited with her husband

Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu (left) and her son fly back to Singapore from Taiwan. PHOTO: VIVIANHSU.IRONV/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu has not seen her Singapore-based, Indonesia-born businessman husband Sean Lee for months, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

But Hsu, who had flown to Taiwan for filming in February, is finally reuniting with him in Singapore. The couple have a son Dalton, who turns five in August.

In February this year, Hsu, 45, flew to Taiwan with Dalton to film the mystery series Who's By Your Side, which is directed by actor-director Peter Ho and also stars Kaiser Chuang and Janine Chang.

She also released a new single, Yours Always, in memory of her late father.

Her stay in Taiwan coincided with the pandemic, and she and Mr Lee could not fly regularly to meet each other.

Hsu missed her husband so much that she asked him to send her two T-shirts he wears frequently so that she could feel that he is beside her.

However, Hsu is reuniting with her husband. On Sunday (July 26), she posted on social media three photos of her and Dalton in protective gear, as she wrote in Chinese: "We are flying. I will miss all of you. Although I will not be in Taipei in August, my new song will stay behind and keep everyone company.

"We will be quarantined for 14 days after we reach Singapore. Don't worry as we will take good care of ourselves. Wishing everyone and ourselves safety."

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