Taiwanese singer Cheer Chen caught kissing a married man in public

Cheer Chen is facing some heat over whether she had known the man's marital status beforehand. PHOTOS: ROCK RECORDS, SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

This year's Christmas has not brought Taiwanese singer-songwriter Cheer Chen much cheer.

On Wednesday (Dec 25), Taiwan's China Times Weekly released a video showing the 44-year-old behaving intimately with a man on the streets of Taipei last Saturday night.

The pair embraced and kissed and were later seen leaving in the man's car.

The man was soon identified by Apple Daily as a Mr Lin, a 50-year-old man married with two children and the head of the credit card department at a Taiwanese bank.

Now, Chen, who broke up with her boyfriend of 16 years two years ago, is facing some heat over whether she had known the man was married.

In response to the controversy, her music label Team Ear Music released a statement on Wednesday saying Chen had just gotten to know the man and was unaware of his marital status. It added that she was stunned by the revelation and urged everyone to give her time to handle the matter.

But it appears that the man's wife is not letting the matter rest.

Taiwan's Mirror Media quoted a friend of Mr Lin's wife as saying that she is planning to press charges against her husband and Chen. She said she does not believe Chen as her husband has been behaving strangely in the past year.

Adultery is an offence in Taiwan. A married person found guilty of committing adultery could be jailed for up to one year.

In response, Team Ear Music said that Chen has stopped seeing Mr Lin, and she has apologised for the hurt caused due to her ignorance.

Chen, whose hits include Lonely Without You (2000) and Imperfect Rainbow (2018), last performed in Singapore in 2018.

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