Taiwanese actress who was cyberbullied allegedly committed suicide by inhaling helium

TAICHUNG CITY- Taiwanese television personality and model Peng Hsin-yi, more commonly known by her stage name Cindy Yang, allegedly committed suicide last Tuesday in her Taichung residence by inhaling helium.

Online site Taipei News reported that she left behind a suicide note blaming her decision on coworkers and bullying on the Internet, according to a preliminary investigation by the police.

The 24-year-old was known for her regular appearances on the TV show University , a show aimed at a student audience.

The article said that a fan page on Facebook regularly posted updates attacking the actress.

Police said that Peng's suicide note mentioned Internet "haters" and colleagues as being the reasons for her suicide.

Many fans left messages on her Facebook page. Some condemned the netizens who left anonymous posts on the Facebook page attacking Peng, while others expressed sympathy.

Peng's father, former Council of Agriculture minister Peng Tso-kwei posted a picture of himself with his daughter, saying he wished his daughter never had to grow up and would be by his side all the time, everywhere.

Breathing in helium is known to be potentially dangerous as it displaces oxygen from the lungs which in turn, deprives vital organs of essential oxygen. According to medical websites, the brain can only survive for five to six seconds without oxygen, before a person becomes unconscious.


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