Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu's husband Wang Xiaofei says he misses his wife and daughter after returning to China

Wang Xiaofei expressed his anxiety and distress at not being able to see his wife Barbie Hsu and two children. PHOTOS: WANG XIAOFEI/WEIBO

Strict border controls brought on by the coronavirus have separated many families including celebrity ones.

Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, who is married to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, recently expressed his anxiety and distress at not being able to see his family. The couple have two children - daughter Hsi-yueh, six, and son Hsi-lin, four.

Mr Wang is based in Beijing, while Hsu is based in Taiwan.

At about 2am on Thursday (Aug 13), Mr Wang wrote on Weibo that he missed his daughter: "Dear baby, daddy really misses you. Due to the pandemic, daddy was able to be with you every day for six months and watch you grow.

"But also due to the pandemic, daddy has not seen you for almost two months after I returned to work. I don't know how much you would have grown when we meet again."

The 39-year-old businessman put up four photos with the post, including two of him with Hsi-yueh.

He wrote another post at about 3.30am dedicated to his wife.

"Beautiful Barbie Hsu married me 10 years ago. How can I repay her? Perhaps perfection does not matter, and it is something you stumble upon by chance."

He accompanied the post - later deleted - with two wedding photos of them taken in 2010.

Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei posts photos of him with his daughter Wang Hsi-yueh on Aug 13, 2020. PHOTO: WANG XIAOFEI/WEIBO

Several netizens commended him for missing his wife and daughter, but they wondered why he made no mention of his son. They noted that he has posted many photos of Hsi-yueh on Weibo, but only a few of Hsi-lin.

His good friend, actor Qin Hao, said on a reality show in July that Mr Wang adores his daughter, but is very strict with his son.

Hsu, 43, has not reacted to Mr Wang's posts which came after Taiwan's Mirror Media reported on Wednesday that the couple earned 20 million yuan (S$3.9 million) for taking part in one season of a reality show.

Hsu, who is best known for playing Shancai in hit Taiwanese idol dramas Meteor Garden (2001) and Meteor Garden 2 (2002), has not acted in any TV serials or movies since her roles in movies Motorway and Million Dollar Crocodile in 2012.

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