Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao admits she has dated more than 100 men

Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao revealed in a Chinese comedy show that she has gone on dates with more than 100 men. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM ELVA HSIAO/FACEBOOK

Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao is not short of male company, with her revelation that she has gone on dates with more than 100 men.

Appearing on Chinese comedy show Roast!, the 40-year-old said she is not bothered by what others think about her love life, adding that she is not one to hole up at home and brood alone.

But she dismissed talk that she has had more than 17 boyfriends in the last 16 years, noting that "I just get photographed whenever I'm out on a date at the movies or at dinner".

Hsiao, 40, has been linked romantically to younger men, including Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 28, Singapore businessman Elroy Cheo, 34, and Taiwanese professional golfer Michael Chen, 27.

In August last year, tongues wagged when Hsiao posted photos of her with budding actor Justin Huang, 24.

Media outlets reported that they met when he moved from Vancouver to Taiwan to pursue a showbiz career.

Hsiao told journalists that he had helped her to navigate a difficult passage in her life when her career was stalled after she fell down in the bathroom and suffered internal injuries.

She has since announced that she will be releasing a new album called Naked Truth in the middle of the year.

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