Succession actor Pete Friedman puts his rare Beatles concert poster on the auction block


NEW YORK (REUTERS) - One of the last five known concert posters from the Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium show is hitting the auction block.

Succession actor Pete Friedman took the poster off a telephone pole near his childhood home in Queens, New York.

"I don't know if the concert had come or gone, if it was just left over, or if it was about to happen. But I do remember separating it from the telephone pole and putting it in my room," he said.

"And I just leaned it on my desk for the rest of my high school years and college and didn't hang it, didn't really do anything with it.

"So, it hasn't had a lot of activity," he explained.

Friedman had the poster stored in a suitcase for the past 20 years and has decided to sell it as he and his wife are starting the process of downsizing to a smaller apartment.

"I was going through everything I own in the process of trying to get rid of stuff, trying to save stuff, try to box stuff," said the actor.

That's when he came across the poster again.

"I took a few pictures, put it on eBay, got some comments saying, 'would you mind ending the auction for US$2,000?' And I went, 'let me research this,' and took it off."

After realising its value, Friedman decided to sell it with Heritage Auctions in New York.

The current bid is over US$65,000 (S$88,000) with the final bid being accepted on Nov 16.

According to the auction house in 2004 a poster sold for US$132,736.