Stefanie Sun's new concert tour, with planned Singapore stop, starts in June

Mandopop queen Stefanie Sun's last concert tour, Kepler, which ran from 2014 to 2015, had a stop at Singapore's National Stadium, on July 5, 2014. PHOTO: MAKE MUSIC

SINGAPORE - Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun's new concert tour will kick off in June.

The English name of the tour, which celebrates her two decades in show business, is Super Solstice. Its Chinese name, "Jiu Zai Ri Luo Yi Qian", translates into "just before sunset" and comes from the first line of her latest single, Eternal Love, which goes: "Just before sunset/We will meet again."

Details of the tour, including for the planned Singapore stop, have yet to be unveiled.

The Mandopop queen's last concert tour, Kepler, which ran from 2014 to 2015, had a stop at Singapore's National Stadium on July 5, 2014.

In a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 20), the 41-year-old shared some thoughts about her singing career, which started with the release of her debut album, Yan Zi (2000).

She wrote: "At that time, the music industry was concentrated in Taiwan. I took a suitcase and flew from Singapore to Taipei. Who knew that the sentence 'No 22-year-old girl sings like her' could start a 20-year-long journey?"

In those days, she recalled, every newspaper wanted exclusive stories and a lunch could become a piece of news.

Her days, she shared, consisted of appearing on television and radio programmes, saying hello to many people and smiling uncomprehendingly.

"(Stuck in a) traffic jam? Why not speak to a reporter on the phone?" she wrote.

A few years later, there was more work in China and she kept running forward. But after some time, she found the going tougher and tougher. She did what she could and created some space for herself.

Describing this space, she wrote: "I just wanted to run to one place and let my hair fly. It was escape, it was freedom."

Later on, she found her partner, Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim van der Ros. They got married in 2011 and have a son, seven, and a daughter, one.

Sun said of motherhood: "I studied to be a mother. Even if the new role caught me off guard and I felt I was not good enough, I continued to work hard."

She added: "At this moment, I am moving working towards the 20th anniversary. I told myself that the emotions, love, darkness, fullness and emptiness of all these years are worth putting in order.

The singer recently collaborated with Taiwanese rock band Mayday on a new version of their 2000 hit song, Tenderness. This 20th anniversary version was released on Jan 1.

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