ST film correspondent John Lui's road to the Oscars

Film correspondent John Lui is in Los Angeles, California, to cover the Oscars.
Film correspondent John Lui is in Los Angeles, California, to cover the Oscars.PHOTO: ST VIDEO

Film correspondent John Lui is in Los Angeles, California, to cover the Oscars. 

He will document his journey to the Oscars in videos, and live tweet from the city during the ceremony on Sunday evening (Monday morning Feb 27, Singapore time).

Follow his coverage here, beginning with his hunt for a tuxedo for the event. Yes, even journalists covering the Oscars have to dress for the occasion. 

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Glamour and grit as Hollywood Boulevard rolls out red carpet for awards

"Hey, is that George Clooney?" quips one bystander.

There is a mass of activists out on Hollywood Boulevard marching for the homeless, and the jokester thinks that the actor famous for social activism is out there, chanting and drumming with them.

The blend of the down-and-dirty and the glamorous defines the Boulevard, especially the area around the Dolby Theater, the venue of the 89th Academy Awards. On Saturday (Sunday, Singapore time), one day before the event, that fact is truer than ever.


Black tie for the Oscars? Suits me just fine

So there I was, pants around my ankles, looking up at Professor S. Jayakumar and Mr Goh Chok Tong.

I was in a dressing room and they were in photographs just above my head. They were wearing suits that were tailor-made, literally, for them.

Jimmy the tailor was also in the pictures, looking very proud. He made the tuxedo I was in the process of putting on. With the leaders looking down on me, I felt under a lot of pressure to look as resplendent.


La La Land has a lock on major awards

The musical La La Land is certain to grab the largest number of golden statues come Oscars night in Los Angeles on Sunday (Monday morning in Singapore), but that does not mean there will not be a few surprises at the Academy Awards.

The biggest nail-biter will be in the Best Actor category, where Casey Affleck (for the working-class drama Manchester By The Sea) faces veteran Denzel Washington (the period drama Fences).

For a while, after the actor's Golden Globe and British Academy Film Awards (Baftas) wins, it looked like the Affleck engine was going to crush everything in its path.